Resources & Links

During our travels, we’ve discovered some great internet resources that have helped us in various ways. Here you’ll find links to some of the blogs, forums, products, and web sites we found most interesting or helpful.


RVillage is a social web site for RVers. We can keep our current location up-to-date, and then easily find other RVers who are near us or even in the same RV park as us. It’s like a location-aware Facebook for RVers.

RV Mobile Internet Resource Center

The RV Mobile Internet Resource Center is run by Technomadia, fellow full-time RVers. The site provides breaking news, hints, and tips for getting the best internet access while on the road. We are also members of their Mobile Internet Aficionado (MIA) pay area, which has been extremely helpful at keeping us connected and informed.

Other RVing Blogs

When we started planning our journey, we kept finding blogs by full-time RVers, and many provided inspiration and courage for us to make the leap. Here are some of the blogs we follow regularly today:

Recalculating RouteA family of five takes life on the road in an RV. While their journey is now over, this was the first blog we read about full-time RV living, and helped give us the courage to try this ourselves.

Technomadia – Technology enabled nomads. Chris and Cherie are legendary in the full-time RV community, and are usually busy integrating the “bleeding edge” of technology into their converted 1961 GM bus.

Wheeling It – Living the Fulltime RV Dream with 12 Paws, 40 Feet and the Open Road. Nina and Paul are always finding amazing places to camp in the western U.S. and are avid boondockers.

RV Wanderlust – Eric and Brittany got started full-time RVing a few months before we did, and we love reading their stories and finding new places to visit through their blog.

RV LoveLive. Love. Travel. Marc and Julie are “a couple of location independent professionals fulfilling our lifelong mission to explore the world”. They travel in a Tiffin Allegro similar to our own, and also got started full-timing in 2014.

Fools Rush Out – We met Jeff and Sue through RVillage while we were at Glacier National Park in Montana. They babysat our dogs while we did our 12-mile hike on Skyline Trail, and we hiked to Grinnell Glacier together a couple days after.

Throwing Caution to the Wind – Dave and Diane’s blog is one we followed from early in our RV planning, and we’ve crossed paths with them a couple times so far, including our boondocking stay in Quartzsite AZ in 2014 with the Tiffin forum gang.

Life Riding Shotgun

There are so many other RVing blogs that we follow, and we’re adding more to our reading list all the time!

RVing Facebook Pages

Instead of (or in addition to) blogging, some RVers have dedicated Facebook pages for their travels. Here are some that we follow:

Horton’s Travels – Two former stationary cube dwellers out roaming the country in our giant moveable cube, Horton! We met Brent, Christine, and Shadow in Phoenix and have followed their hikes through amazing places via their Facebook page since then.

Imperfect Destiny – We also met Jim and Julie in Phoenix (they were traveling with Horton’s Travels at the time). They’ve since downsized from a motorhome to a tent but are still impressing us with their hikes and travels.

RVing Forums

Tiffin RV Network – A Forum for Tiffin Owners and Enthusiasts. Once we started leaning towards purchasing a Tiffin, we found this forum dedicated to Tiffin motorhomes to be indispensable, and it has helped us solve so many issues and answer so many questions we’ve lost count! Note: requires an account to browse the forum.