Our Route So Far

Click here to view an interactive map of our travels.

2017 (Green Line): In 2017 we plan to re-visit Sedona which we thoroughly enjoyed last year, and then head further into Utah to Moab and Salt Lake City, and finally visit Yellowstone which has eluded us the past two years. Later in the year we will be directly in the path of the total eclipse, and we’ll be returning to Dragon Con after a two-year hiatus.

2016 (Pink Line): One of our goals for 2016 was to take things a bit slower, with shorter drives between destinations and longer stays at each one. For the winter we explored more of Arizona and the interior of California (previously we’d only visited California’s coast). We then went on a tour of national parks in northern Arizona and southern Utah, followed by a summer month bouncing between San Diego (to stay cool) and Yuma (for dental follow-up visits). Our dentistry complete, we headed straight to Colorado for two months of sight-seeing and hiking, before we head east to the DC area for our annual Thanksgiving visit with family, and to Florida for Christmas with family. 7,658 miles driven in 2016.

2015 (Blue Line): We spent most of the winter bouncing around warm southern Arizona before finally heading to California at the beginning of spring. We drove up the coast from San Diego with Washington’s Olympic Peninsula being our summer eastward turning point. Then we headed through Glacier National Park, Badlands, and various amusement parks before returning to our roots in MD/VA to visit with family and friends. After Thanksgiving, we made a quick trip to Florida, and then a long, fast trek west back to Arizona for the winter. 11,327 miles driven in 2015.

2014 (Red Line): We kicked off our journeys at the end of April in Tampa, Florida where we took delivery of Rover. We made our way north to New Hampshire through spring and summer, then back south to Florida during autumn. In November we headed west for the first time, ending 2014 in New Mexico. 6,829 miles driven in 2014 (starting April 28).