Life Rebooted’s RV Files

A list of links to documents, diagrams, manuals, and other files relevant to our 2014 Tiffin Allegro 36LA that we’ve collected over time.

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Tutorials and Upgrades

First, a list of the upgrades or adjustments we’ve made, with links to tutorial blog posts:

User-Generated Information

  • 36LA Plumbing Diagram [pdf 50KB]
    • This is a “best guess” diagram I made of the 36LA plumbing system based on tracing pipes and connections. Many thanks to the TVRN Forum members who provided feedback and corrections!

Owners Manuals: Standard Equipment

Our motorhome came with a big heavy bag filled with owners manuals for many (but far from all) of the appliances and components used in construction. Over time I’ve tried to collect electronic versions of as many relevant owners manuals as possible.

Here’s our collection of manuals for the standard equipment in our 36LA:

Owners Manuals: Aftermarket Equipment

Owners manuals for additional equipment we installed after taking delivery of our 36LA: