Clothed and Named

This week has been the painting, bubble test, rain test, and final inspections for our baby in Red Bay, AL. Unfortunately we had to come back to the real world so we couldn’t watch the rest of the work. We did get lucky though and got pictures of our RV taken by another owner (Thanks, David!) who went to Red Bay to watch their 36LA being built.

Our RV is no longer naked!

Our RV is no longer naked!

Instead of choosing a standard color for our RV, we decided to go semi-custom. Tiffin has a color scheme “NASA” they discontinued but you can order it as a custom color. Originally we liked Maroon Coral but decided on NASA for a few reasons. First, Maroon Coral is a popular color and we don’t want to pass our “twin” constantly on the road. Second, there is a lot of black in Maroon Coral which makes for a hot RV interior, something we want to avoid (now that we’re leaving winter behind). Third, the monochrome color scheme looks cleaner and sleeker to us.

Isn't he purty?

Do these colors make my butt look big?

Now that our RV is clothed (in paint), we had to find a good name for him. It started with realizing that we had to be ruthlessly organized when it came to storage and keeping the RV clean. Then the name grew into Ruthlessly Organized Vehicle for Exploratory Ramblings… Rover! We knew we hit the nail on the head when we also realized the name is dog-centric, exploratory, and matches the color scheme. Naming our burgundy CR-V toad became elementary after that….RED!


  1. Debbie   •  

    Very clever name, I like it!

  2. John Robertson   •  

    Nice. Can you tow a fire-bellied toad? :-)

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