Michael Fischer

After a high-tech career spanning software development and systems administration to leading hundreds of engineers across cities and continents, I'm now slowing things down a bit. Traveling full-time in an RV with my awesome wife Kathie and our two big dogs Max and Opie, I'm now pursuing smaller personal software projects while seeing North America up close.


  1. timojhen   •  

    Yeah, interstates are the pits. Always avoided them on the motorcycle(s) as well.

  2. Kevin Hughes   •  

    Cool vid – if this is a GoPro or similar camera… try doing time lapse and mounting the cam on an egg timer so that it slowly rotates 360 degrees! That would be cool with the RV dash so we can see the driver, the cabin, and the road.

    • Mike   •     Author

      Neat idea!

  3. Debbie   •  

    Very clever! I enjoyed it! Nice site too.

  4. Dot   •  

    Mike and Kathie,
    Motorhome driving is a cult of its own. We tried one of Tom’s for a week and realized pretty quickly it is NOT a car. Your video brings back memories of the Flagler to St. Augustine A1A that I’ve driven so often-one of my favorite ways back to Palm Coast when visiting mom. I hope you had time to go bird watching at St Augustine’s Alligator Farm. PS Loved the back ground music. Enjoy!

  5. Joe   •  

    Thanks for the ride.. Enjoyed ,keep’em coming..

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