Rebooting our Lives

We’re getting an RV! The stay-at-home, don’t-go-out, outdoors-is-icky couple will soon own a Recreational Vehicle. But that’s not the main story… the real news is that this RV is going to be our new home!

Wait… what?

Yes, we are downsizing our home by about 96%—if home means the walls around us. If home means where we live, then we’re upsizing by a factor of 2.2 billion from our current 2 acres. The whole of North America will be our home!

When we took an honest look at what we really need in order to be happy, we decided that our big house and belongings accumulated over 14 years were an anchor keeping us from exploring very far or often. For us, the thought of traveling to see and explore all the wonders in the U.S. (and Canada) captured our imaginations. We’ve realized that we have a chance to reboot our lives and take them in a completely new direction!

We’ve wondered if it’s a mid-life crisis. We’ve wondered if we’re crazy. But this isn’t some impulse or whim—we’ve been discussing it for a while, and know we have a lot more research and learning to do before we really take the plunge. But we’re more excited now than we have been about almost anything before, and this just feels right to us!

This isn’t going to be a vacation… it’s going to be life as usual, just with slightly different scenery every week or two.

above: home for the past 13 years

Michael Fischer

After a high-tech career spanning software development and systems administration to leading hundreds of engineers across cities and continents, I'm now slowing things down a bit. Traveling full-time in an RV with my awesome wife Kathie and our two big dogs Max and Opie, I'm now pursuing smaller personal software projects while seeing North America up close.


  1. Kevin   •  

    Well done! Good for you guys. You only get one chance at this life…

    I will be enviously following along on your adventures!

    P.S. I am headed to Seattle in July to ride my bicycle from Seattle to Montana. So i am looking forward to that mini-adventure.

  2. Dana G   •  

    Just discovered your blog. Hubby and I are in the planning phase of doing the same thing. We’re in our mid-40’s and hope to be hitting the road in a couple of years. Just finished the first of what I expect to be many garage sales to get rid of stuff – and will be prepping the house to put on the marketing in the coming months. I’ll definitely be following you guys as you start your adventure!

    • Mike   •     Author

      Sounds great! Hope all your plans go smoothly and you’re able to hit the road on schedule! -Mike

  3. All Terrain Research   •  

    Awesome blog, me and my wife have been thinking about doing this with our 2 small kids. I’ll be following along!

    • Mike   •     Author

      We’ve read about lots of couples who full-time RV with kids, and do home schooling, even incorporating their current locale into the education (local history, geology, etc.) Good luck!

  4. Susanna   •  

    Great blog, can’t wait to read it all :)
    Is that Montana De Oro in the top picture?

    • Mike   •     Author

      Actually, the top photo is from a vacation we took to South Korea a few years ago!

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